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    USWNT Party in the USA

    Best thing in the history of ever.

    I CAN’T. I’M DEAD. I CAN’T. Abby putting make up on LeP was the end of me.

    This is fabulous!! I was practically grinning the whole 3 and a half minutes

    HAHAHAHA KELLEY. HAHAHAH THE ENTIRE TEAM. Where the FUCK did this come from? This is the best thing ever.

    ……….this is real……this happened……1:37 

    i am crying.

    OMG…this is TOO MUCH but I still want more….

    Haha!! OMG my entire life has just been made!!! Smiling for days! 

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    oh we’re in the uk gearing up for the olympics? better do a quick music video to ‘party in the usa’
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